Ways to Spruce Up Your Patio Space

Add Ambience with a Fire Pit

Adding a fire pit to your patio will elevate your space and is an easy way to create ambiance. A fire pit is a beautiful focal point and will define the gathering space. Setting up a seating area around it will draw the eye and is the perfect place for entertaining. From roasting marshmallows to just enjoying how the fire looks, fire pits are perfect for sprucing up your patio space. 

Mood Lighting

Outdoor lights look beautiful and improve security to your space. Outdoor and landscaping lighting will enhance your patio and create a warm inviting environment for entertaining when the sun goes down. String lighting creates an intimate cozy atmosphere and they are easy to install. 

Landscaping Around Patio 

Creating a border of plants around your patio adds ambiance and beauty to your space. Filling the space with plants that work best in your area is ideal so that you are not giving yourself a lot of extra maintenance. For help with landscaping, rely on the best that Jacksonville has to offer with Skinner Lawn Services. 

Add a Water Feature

The sound of flowing water soothes the soul and will reduce noise pollution while enjoying your patio space. Not only do people enjoy landscape water features, birds and other wildlife will enjoy the clean water. Big or small, a fountain adds atmosphere and interest to your outdoor space. 

Put a Rug Down

Adding a rug to your space will set the foundation for your furniture layout and bring the comfort of indoors outside. Rugs can add a pop of color to your space and cover any existing hardscaping.

Decorate with Plants

Plants are the best way to add color to your outdoor space. To determine the type of plants that work best for your space, ask yourself if it needs sun or shade, what colors do you like, what type of soil is required, how tall will the plant get, and the level of maintenance required to keep the plants alive. Placing planters and pots on the sides of the patio will make you feel completely surrounded by nature. 

Fun Decor

Adding outdoor-friendly decor pieces will enhance your patio space. Outdoor pillows, mirrors, statues, and art that can withstand the elements can freshen up your outdoor space. Including fun indoor decor pieces such as trays, vases, and candles outside will finish off your look.

For help executing these wonderful additions to your patio, reach out to a trusted team that treats your lawn like we would our own! Skinner Lawns offers the greatest landscaping in Jacksonville. Reach out to us today via phone at (904) 720-2515 and check out more of our website today.