The Top 10 Native Plants to Grow in Jacksonville

If you’re looking to give your yard a little boost and plant some new plants, we’re highlighting the best native plants to Jacksonville, Florida that will impress with their beauty! 

Why Garden with Native Plants?

Native plants are, well, native to the area! When plants are native to an area, they are better adapted to local climate and soil conditions and often require less care compared to other non-native plants. Since they are native, they are also incredibly important to the ecosystem and provide nectar, pollen, and seeds for pollinators like bees, butterflies, insects, and birds.

As far as day-to-day care, native plants require less fertilization, pesticides, and water and they help reduce water runoff and air pollution, helping to promote biodiversity! 

Introducing non-native species, that is, invasive plants can be harmful to the ecosystem as they prey on native species, outcompete native species for food or other resources, and can carry disease. 

So what are the best native plants for your yard in Jacksonville, Florida?! 

Blanket Flower

These beautiful flowers are reminiscent of sunsets on the beach and would make a lovely addition to your flowerbed. Not only are these flowers beautiful, but they are also drought-tolerant, disease and pest-resistant, and are rather adaptable to the climate and environmental conditions in Florida. These flowers are quick to spread, hence the name blanket flower — they will make a lovely bed once planted.

Black-Eyed Susan

These yellow beauties are drought-resistant and do well in most soil types. They grow to about 1-3 feet rather easily and are sure to attract some beautiful butterflies to your yard! 

Oakleaf Hydrangea

For those with shadier yards, the Oakleaf Hydrangea is perfect! This beautiful plant thrives in shadier environments. At mature height, it grows to 6-10 feet but requires very little maintenance or water, making it a great plant for beginner gardeners.


Purple lovers, we’re looking at you for this one! The Beautyberry (callicarpa americana) is a cluster of purple fruits that are drought tolerant, attractive to birds, and can be planted at any time of the year! For a purple splash of color, this would be a great option for your Jacksonville home. 

Sabal Palm

One of Florida’s signatures is its beautiful palmetto trees, and the Sabal Palm is no exception! If this plant sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because it’s Florida’s state tree, sometimes referred to as a “Cabbage Palm” as well. These palmettos prefer full sun and at their tallest, they can reach a whopping 40-50 feet high. 

Beach Sunflower (Helianthus Debilis)

Just the name of this one makes us want to buy it and spend a few hours in the garden! This golden flower remains bright year-round so long as temperatures remain above 34℉. Due to their origins being related to the beach, they thrive in sandy soil and are especially perfect for coastal homes. Be careful not to overwater and you will surely see birds and butterflies loving these flowers almost as much as you will.



Azaleas are a beautiful and rather popular flower around the world, their origins coming from China. With color varieties of pink, white, and red flowers, these flowers make anyone’s yard pop with low-maintenance care.  

Coral Bean (Erythrina Herbacea)

If hummingbirds are your favorite sight to see, then this plant is a must have! A bit more unique looking than many of the aforementioned flowers, the Coral Bean plant is a low maintenance plant that attracts pollinators to its tubular flowers. If you decide this is the plant for you, be wary of their seeds in the fall (especially for pets and little ones) since at this time their seeds are poisonous.  

Powderpuff Mimosa

Do you love the look of dandelions when they transform into puffballs? If so, the Powderpuff Mimosa (mimosa strigillosa) will be sure to leave you happy with its puffy, pink appearance. These plants are fast to grow and can cover quite a bit of ground if you’re looking to make your garden look fuller.

Southern Live Oak

Looking to plant something that will last generations to come? Southern Live Oak must be the plant for you! This native tree can grow massive! These trees are stunning and would leave quite the legacy if you have the space to grow one.

We’re certain that any of these additions would be a beautiful addition to your Jacksonville property. Not only this, but gardening brings beautiful mental health benefits as well as benefiting the environment and pollinators. 

If you need extra help with bed maintenance and general landscaping, Skinner Lawns is here to help! Be sure to let us know which plants you love and plan on adding to your garden!