What to Look for When Hiring a Landscaper in Jacksonville

Spring is right around the corner of being sprung here in Jacksonville, Florida! It’s the time in the year when you might be looking for a change with the look of your property via some Spring cleaning, renovation, and maintenance to your yard and lawn. If you’re looking to hire a landscaper, there are certainly some considerations you may want to make prior to sealing the deal. Price aside, we’ve compiled a list of things worth considering when choosing the perfect landscaper for you and your home. 

Customer Service & Reviews

You’re looking at a landscaper’s website that seems great, but what is their reputation in the Jacksonville area? Do they have good reviews? Does anyone you personally know utilize their services? At Skinner Lawns, we prioritize our relationships with our customers first and foremost and believe that having great relationships with those we serve is a win/win! Our goal is to create longstanding relationships that provide you with results you’ll love.

Heavy vs. Lightweight Machinery

Many lawn care services bring in heavy mowers since their large size can get the job done as fast as possible. While this may be a great option for many people, we believe slow and steady wins the race. Our lawn services are done with lightweight mowers only to ensure precise care and to avoid ruts on your property. 

Responsive Team

Unfortunately in landscape services, it is sometimes common practice to be in contact with someone and never hear back after the fact. When teams have many people and management that is not well equipped to handle several requests, your message can slip through the cracks and you never hear back. We pride ourselves on creating personalized experiences for you and manifesting your landscaping dreams into reality. Once you start working with Skinner Lawns, you will have one person servicing your lawn regularly — no messages lost in translation as you anxiously wait for a response. With personalized care, your communications needs are taken care of promptly and with consistency. 

Valuing Your Lawn as More than a Lawn

Does your landscaping crew come in just to collect a check and leave? Not us. We understand that your lawn is more than just a piece of land; it’s a statement piece that attracts people, adds value to your property, and likely provides you with a level of comfort and contentment not possible in other parts of your property. A well-decorated interior is nice, but a well taken care of lawn makes a statement to the public. We see your lawn the way we see our own lawns and we work to make your community a little brighter, one landscaping job at a time.  

Variety of Services

Does that landscape company know how to mow your lawn? Cool! We do too, but we also know how to provide you with the cleanest edges to your property, make the surfaces of your property clipping-free surfaces by use of blowing, how to trim meticulously around all street signs, posts, planted trees and fences, how and where to weed in your flower beds, how to prevent excessive and unappealing growth in your shrubs, and how to maintain debris and leaf pickup. Do not let the typical landscaper sell you on just mowing your lawn when your Jacksonville property is worthy of so much more. 

Commercial Contractors vs. Family Owned

Commercial contractors could potentially have more reviews and years of experience, but there’s nothing quite like a small, family-owned business. At Skinner Lawns, family-owned is how we operate and we value each of our customers and the questions and concerns they may have. Unlike commercial contractors, you can speak with the owner of Skinner Lawns at any time. We’re owned by a family, so we know how to treat each and every one of our customers like family. 

Qualified Staff

Don’t want a stranger on your property? Who could blame you! When shopping for landscaping companies, it’s important to have qualified individuals working on your lawn. We hope to put your fears to ease by ensuring that our team members at Skinner Lawns are consistently in uniform, receive background checks, go through training, and are a pleasure to have on your property!

Fully Licensed and Insured

Accidents are rare, but unfortunately, they happen nonetheless. When they do, does your landscaping company have the insurance to handle the issue with integrity? We take accidents seriously; in comparison to other lawn care companies, we put in the extra work by carrying $1M in property and liability insurance to save you the headache. 

Overall, there are many considerations to make when it comes to finding the perfect fit for lawn care and landscaping in Jacksonville. If you’re looking for a company to treat you like family and service your lawn like no other, consider reaching out to Skinner Lawns today: (904) 720-2515

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  1. Alice Carroll

    I like that you mentioned that a lawn has to give off a statement to people looking at it. I’d like to hire a landscaper soon because I’m interested in getting my lawn redesigned. I think having a simpler layout for it will make it look a lot less busy.

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