How To Add Curb Appeal in Jacksonville Florida

Whether you’re trying to sell a house or just trying to add a little extra ~pizzazz~ to your home, curb appeal is something to be desired! There is something so special about a house that looks welcoming, well-tended, and just has extra effort that has been put into it. For that reason, we wanted to highlight some ways to add extra curb appeal to your Jacksonville home. 

Window Boxes & Hanging Planters

Florals and plants are fantastic ways to spruce up the imagery of your home. Whether you’re opting for dazzling and colorful flowers or muted hanging plants like pothos, ivy, creeping fig, or string of pearls, choosing something that hangs from a window or a porch is a beautiful touch to your home that will increase curb appeal.

Door Color Pop 

Changing the color of your front door is a project that is affordable, not too time-consuming, and can make a big difference to the overall look of your house! Whether you’re going bold and bright or changing from one neutral to another, this is a fun and easy way to switch things up. If you feel like taking this one step further, consider buying or making a wreath for the door. Wreaths are yet another simple way to add variety and can be swapped out seasonally for holidays or special events to celebrate. 

Mailbox Fun

Looking to take the color of the door one step further? Consider making your mailbox and door color cohesive and using leftover paint to redecorate the mailbox. If you’re not looking for quite that much cohesion, feel free to still decorate the mailbox in a unique way. This could be a great project with the kids with handprints, a way to add character to something you’re passionate about, or simply utilizing a pretty design that appeals to you. 

Porch Decor

If you have a porch, try swapping out some furniture and decor to match the aesthetic of your house. We’d recommend working on creating a great color palette that encompasses your house, door, paneling, and garden features and colors. This can also be extended into your plant choices and decor during the holiday seasons. 


Lighting is a little thing that can make a big difference! Whether you’re adding string lights to the overhang of your porch, candles to your windows inside, or walkway lights guiding you on the path to your home, this is another way to add curb appeal, especially in the evenings. 


Speaking of lighting walkways, have you considered redoing or creating your walkway? No matter if you’re a brick, stone, marble, or mosaic kind of person, this is another task that can change the look of your yard. There are tons of tutorials on how to DIY a pathway if you’re feeling up to a challenge and a fun weekend project!

Gut Your Gutters

This option is a bit less glamorous, but unfortunately, it has to be done! Cleaning out the gutters can increase the appeal and appearance of your house when all of the gunk residing within them is washed out. Not to mention, this will help immensely with drainage for your home. 

Powerwash the House

Speaking of cleaning — when is the last time you power washed your house/driveway/sidewalk? This service is oh-so-satisfying and can make your house look dazzling if it’s been a while since the last time you’ve done a power wash. You can hire a professional or rent a power washer from a local hardware store, making this a great option. 

House Number Updates

Ever invite a friend over for the first time who doesn’t know which house is yours? Consider upgrading the numbers on the door and the mailbox to be a little more dazzling and stand out in a unique way. Sites like Amazon offer many options, some personalized, and you can consider spray painting or decorating the new numbers as well. 


Last, but certainly not least, landscaping! Keeping your lawn tidy is a sure way to add curb appeal as everyone loves the look of a well-manicured lawn. If you’re looking for help with your lawn, reach out to us at Skinner Lawns today! We offer services ranging from mowing, edging, blowing off hard surfaces, trimming, bed maintenance, shrub trimming, and leaf and debris removal. To learn more, give us a call at (904) 720-2515 or visit our website