The Best Pollinator Attractors for Your Property

We all know how tricky it can be to get plants to flower and flourish in our yards! What we don’t realize is all the necessary steps that go into helping our plants produce! One of the most crucial steps that our plants cannot live without is the pollination process. 

During the process of pollinating, a pollinator will organize the movement of pollen in order to fertilize your plants. However, due to recent complications that can have an effect on the Jacksonville area, such as habitat loss, pollution, and environmental changes, pollinators are becoming more scarce. Luckily, Skinner Lawns have come up with a list of the best plants that will help attract pollinators for your yard and keep it prosperous!

Black-Eyed Susan

One of the greatest pollinators of all time are the bees! They seek out flowers and come to help pollinate your plant species. Black-Eyed Susans are especially great flowers to attract the bees because they are native to the Florida area and can thrive in this region due to their high heat and salt tolerance. Their bright yellow flowers help attract the bees and are a great addition to any yard! 


Another great coastal go-to that will help to increase pollination is Lavender. This delightful addition helps attract bees due to its coloration. The bees are able to pick up on the purple coloring and are especially attracted to its flower. They are able to substantially hold up in the Florida heat and provide an excellent inclusion to your yard. Lavender also gets bonus points for providing many other uses such as useful health benefits and a lovely scent to your yard!

Passion Flower

For a little more variety, the Passion Flower provides an exceptional touch to any yard. Its unique flower is eye-catching and does wonderfully in Florida weather. The Passion Flower attracts a wide range of pollinators that will help with your plants production. From bees, to butterflies and hummingbirds this flower will boost your pollinators’ attraction.

Eastern Redbud

If you are looking into growing a tree to enrich your garden, look no further! The Eastern Redbud is a wonderful species that cultivates lots of attraction for pollinators such as bees and moths. This tree will bloom before spring is about to hit, providing some of the earliest nectar to draw in pollinators to take care of your plants!

Aquatic Milkweed

The Aquatic Milkweed is another great native Florida option. The Aquatic Milkweed flourishes in this region as it performs great in the heat. This species will also attract a variety of butterflies, such as monarchs, along with bees. These plants are very beneficial for your yard’s ecosystem as they help sustain butterflies and host an array of pollinators. 


If you’re a bird lover this shrub is for you! The Beautyberry is a beautiful shrub that attracts all sorts of wildlife to your yard! This species thrives well in the sunshine state and the tiny flowers appeal to various pollinators such as bees and butterflies. The fruit on the shrub also provides food for birds and is a fan favorite for Floridian ecosystems!

Now that we’ve got you covered on all the best plants to attract pollinators to your yard, you can make the right decisions when choosing how to help your garden grow! While these are some of the best pollinator attractors, there are still many more species to choose from depending on your yard’s needs! Fortunately, Skinner Lawns can help cater to you and create the perfect ecosystem in your yard. Call us at (904) 720-2515 to get started!