How Short You Should Cut Your Grass 

Now that warm weather has hit, having a healthy and well-kept lawn is the ultimate goal of any lawn lover’s work, especially us. One of the most important, and frequently overlooked components is how short you cut your grass. Grass height is a major factor to consider in lawn care because it can make or break your lawn. In order to maintain the perfect grass height here are some factors you should consider. 


Now that the grass is especially green and we’re headed into summer, it is time to pay special attention to your lawn. If you cut your grass too short it can cause inconsistent patches and impact the overall health of your lawn. On the contrary, if you leave your grass too long, it can cause issues with growth and can invite unwanted insects and moisture that can be detrimental to your lawn. No need to worry though, we have you covered in order to help you protect your lawn all summer long!

When mowing your lawn, balance is key. You must find the perfect height to allow your lawn to grow and stay healthy without overgrowth happening. The best height for cutting your grass is roughly 2 ½ inches high. This allows your grass to establish long and healthy roots without becoming overgrown. Although your grass height can depend upon your region and type of grass, it is a good general rule of thumb to adjust your mowing height based on the seasons. Many types of grass in Jacksonville, FL are warm-season grasses which means they will have their peak growing season during the summer months. It is important to keep this in mind because the proper grass height will ensure a healthy lawn during the hot and fast-growing periods. Putting in the extra effort in maintaining your lawn will make all the difference for your yard’s health and lifespan, and we at Skinner Lawns are here to take that burden off of you by providing top-of-the-line landscaping services throughout the Jacksonville area.


One of the main benefits of cutting your lawn to the proper height is the impact it will make on its health. By cutting your grass no shorter than 2 ½ inches it allows for many perks that will sustain your yard. It results in deeper and stronger roots which will ultimately ensure your yard is green and healthy! This length will allow for your lawn to be the optimal height for photosynthesis and growth. When kept at the right length, this ultimately leaves your grass surviving and thriving in the summer heat!

No More Weeds Please!

The right height can also help reduce the weeds in your lawn. By cutting your grass to the proper height, it will establish stronger blades that will become denser. This leaves less room and opportunity for weeds to sprout. If your lawn is stronger and more abundant, fewer weeds will be present.

Appearance and Upkeep

The health of your lawn will also impact its appearance and overall require less upkeep in the long run. Since mowing your grass to the perfect height will keep your lawn healthier, this will result in better color and display of your lawn. 


By cutting your lawn to the proper height it can ensure each blade of grass grows strong and healthy throughout the summer. Your lawn’s roots will become more durable, with a hardy foundation and will be able to fight off weeds. It will also leave your lawn looking greener and healthier which is one of the best benefits of the perfect mowing height. 

We all want our lawns to be healthy from the ground up, and this but it starts by making sure you allow proper growth out of your lawn! We understand that you live a busy life which is why if you don’t have time to put in the extra work, we’re here for the lawn rescue! When you hire us to help you with your lawn, we ensure your grass is cut to a perfect length to maintain its integrity and be the healthiest it can possibly be, making it easier to maintain. For a lawn that is prosperous, green, and pristine, reach out to Skinner Lawns today at (904) 720-2515!