Simple Mistakes You May Be Making in Your Landscaping

When wanting to prioritize your landscaping but getting inconsistent results, it can be incredibly frustrating to not know what exactly is going on. Today, we at Skinner Lawns are highlighting some common mistakes that may be jeopardizing the success of your lawn/garden. 

Choosing the Wrong Plants

While you may be apt to lean towards the plants and flowers of your preference, you should know that not every plant is made equal. There’s a good reason that some plants thrive in the Northern cold states and others thrive in the heat and humidity that’s present in Jacksonville. It’s possible that the plants you are choosing are simply not compatible with the climate in Jacksonville. You should consider purchasing plants that are native to the area. By choosing plants that are native to the area, pollinators are better suited to help them thrive along with heat, humidity, and soil type being more adequate for the plant. For more information on this, check out one of our past blogs about native plants to Jacksonville here. 

Lawn Does Not Have Enough Nutrients

Soil? ✓ Got it. 

Water? ✓ Perfect.

Sun? ✓ Plenty!

So what’s the missing piece? Nutrients! Some plants are pesky when they are not receiving the proper nutrients. The three main nutrients plants often require are: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) — too much or too little of these nutrients can certainly impact your plant’s growth. While these nutrients are often found in soil, sometimes they need a helping hand which can be given through fertilizer or compost. 

Watering at the Wrong Time

Plants can be finicky, which is why it’s important to know the best time of day to water your plants and grass. In order for your lawn to soak in the water and nutrients, we recommend watering your lawn prior to 10:00 am. When you water your lawn/plants in the middle of the day this often does not get all the way down to the root as a result of evaporation. Similarly, watering at night often leaves water sitting atop the grass which increases the likelihood of mold and fungi formation. Watering in the morning is a perfect time and should be taken into consideration for a healthier lawn. 

Letting Lawn Maintenance Fall to the Back Burner

Days are busy. We totally understand that landscaping can often fall through the cracks when you are preoccupied with dealing with the day-to-day stresses of life. Letting your landscaping get super backed up can certainly impact your lawn though — there is often more work involved in getting your lawn back to normal and in some cases, you may need to completely start over and aerate the space. Luckily, we at Skinner Lawns have got your back. We’re here for you whenever you need to address your property’s needs. To reclaim your lawn and for help correcting these simple mistakes, reach out to Skinner Lawns today at (904) 720-2515!