Fertilizer 101

You might know you’re supposed to fertilize your lawn, but not know much else about fertilizer. What does it do? How does it work? When is the best time to do it? Fertilizer often provides your lawn with a boost of extra nutrients that allow it to grow healthier, thicker, and fuller while also preventing pesky weeds like crabgrass. 


Generally speaking, early Spring is the best time to fertilize your lawn since it’s often starting fresher and stronger compared to the winter. Even better? Water your lawn a few days prior to laying down the fertilizer. 

If you missed the boat this Spring, no worries! It’s recommended to fertilize your grass 5-6  times a year, roughly every 6-8 weeks. Use your best discretion as to when it’s necessary to fertilize your lawn — if your grass is looking luscious it’s probably safe to skip a session, but if it’s getting patchy and brown hit it with some fertilizer. 


It is recommended you work around the perimeter of your lawn and move towards the middle to ensure you’re covering your ground evenly. To ensure even layers, you should also use a spreader as opposed to manually spreading it with your hands. 

What About Seeding?

If you’re seeding your lawn, it’s best to fertilize it simultaneously or very shortly after or beforehand. When you make fertilizer a part of your initial seeding process, your grass will likely grow quicker and healthier as opposed to skipping the fertilizer. 

*Pro-tip: Try finding a fertilizer with quick-release nitrogen for an additional nutritional boost for the seeds. 

What About Other Methods of Fertilization?

You may be familiar with “grasscycling” which refers to the process of letting clipped grass remain on the lawn after cutting. Believe it or not, these clippings work as a form of fertilizer and can provide up to 25% of your lawns fertilizer needs, which will save you a bit of time and money but will not work exactly in the same capacity a typical fertilizer will. 

We hope this cleared up some information for you about fertilizer and all it can do for you and your lawn! If you’re in the Jacksonville area and have any questions or would like extra help when it comes to landscaping, please reach out to us at Skinner Lawns by calling us at (904) 720-2515. Lawns are what we do best, let us help you today!